In an effort to provide opportunities for increasing change and engaging the university community, WSU is hosting All-Extension Conference 2005, March 1-3 in the CUB.

The conference, entitled “Creating a Culture of Change: Extension, Entrepreneurship, and Engagement,” is an opportunity for more than 300 Extension professionals to gather and learn new ways of engaging students, colleagues, and community members, explore the importance of work in the larger university context, and look at new ways to mobilize resources.

The main themes, entrepreneurship and engagement, will be addressed through keynote speakers and workshops aimed at building and implementing skills discussed.

Speakers include:

Cam Marston
“Four Generations in the Workplace: Communicating and Working with Each Other”
Tuesday, March 1, 2005, 1:30pm, CUB Ballroom

For the first time in history, four generations are all in the workplace together. Marsten, author of Managing Across the Cultural Divide, believes that each generation interprets issues such as loyalty, teamwork, sacrifice, patience, and time on the job in dramatically different ways. Generational dynamics have implications for how you team
up with colleagues and partners, as well as how you reach multiple generations in your programs.

Dan Cotton and Carla Craycraft
“eXtension: A National Web-Based Information and Learning Center”
Wednesday, March 2, 2005, 8:30am, CUB Ballroom

Dan Cotton and Carla Craycraft will present an overview of “eXtension,” a new initiative to create a web-based national information and learning center that will consolidate the expertise and knowledge of the national Extension system. eXtension will serve new and traditional
communities of interest, such as food safety, homeland security, lawn and garden, agriculture and natural resources, environment, energy,
youth development, family, and health/obesity. The speakers will present a timeline for the project, a prototype, and a look at the technology behind the project.

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