SPOKANE, Wash. – As part of a semester-long project, Washington State University Spokane students at the Interdisciplinary Design Institute have completed the first step in their examination of the historic Rookery Block.

Their analysis of this unique section of the downtown core will be formally reviewed by faculty and outside jurors on Monday, Sept. 29, from 2:10 to 5 p.m. in the Phase I Classroom Building Gallery, 668 N. Riverpoint Blvd. Media and the public are invited to attend.

As a preliminary investigation, students in architecture, landscape architecture and interior design studying in the interdisciplinary studio examined the Rookery Block, located on Riverside Avenue, and mapped the 24-square-block area surrounding it. The maps include first and second floor plans of all buildings; sections, elevations, human use patterns, historical development figure grounds, color-coded property use maps and semi-abstract color maps of details and materials.

Students will utilize this information as the basis for their design of potential uses for the Rookery Block, including development of multigenerational housing.

The Interdisciplinary Design Institute utilizes real-world community projects as teaching and learning tools. Past projects, such as the proposal for a University District, have inspired community support. Student work has been used to show the potential of projects and help obtain funding. Last year’s charrette produced conceptual designs for the Great Gorge Park, which supporters say were helpful in obtaining a legislative appropriation of $250,000.