Note: Media representatives are welcome to attend the conference. Contact Johnny Jones at 335-4864 or Lorrie Arrasmith at 335-8147.

PULLMAN, Wash. — The ninth annual Future Teachers of Color conference, sponsored by the Washington State University College of Education to recruit minority students and scheduled for Friday and Saturday (Sept. 20 and 21), will be smaller this year, with 40 high school seniors expected to attend, instead of last year’s 175.

And that is just exactly what FTOC director Johnny Jones wants.

“We wanted a more focused and smaller event,” Jones said. “We’re taking FTOC to a whole other level. Recognizing that we have limited resources, we are targeting high-achieving students who really want to become teachers. So we set a maximum of 40, and required a challenging application packet including essays, letters of recommendation, and a five-minute presentation.”

The 40 students scheduled to attend, along with parents and chaperones, will be coming from Seattle, Tacoma, Pasco, Royal City, Yakima and other areas around Washington. A waiting list of a half-dozen other students has been created in case of cancellations.