PULLMAN, Wash. — Parking illegally on the Washington State University campus will cost more as new parking fine increases go into effect Aug. 1.

Most parking fines are increasing by $5-25, depending on the infraction. The largest fine increase is for parking illegally in a space designated for persons with disabilities. That fine is increasing from $50 to $250, which coincides with the state standard. For a list of fine increases go to www.wsu.edu/parking/rate_prop.html.

The increase in fines is intended to discourage drivers from parking illegally, said John Shaheen, director of Parking, Transportation and Visitor Center. The price of annual and daily parking fees went up July 1.

The fee and fine increases also will help pay for the cost of supporting the parking system at WSU. The WSU Board of Regents approved the increases at its March 15 meeting at WSU Tri Cities.

Parking officials offer these tips for avoiding a ticket:

–Have the proper permit displayed for the zone the vehicle is parked in.
–Pay close attention to how much time is left on the meter.
–Use the public garages. They cost the same as meters and drivers don’t have to keep track of the time left.
–Use daily parking permits for occasional visits – they are an affordable alternative to annual permits.
–Pay close attention to the parking signs and get familiar with parking rules.
–Contact Parking and Transportation Services at (509) 335-PARK or the Visitor Center at (509) 335-8633 with questions – they are happy to help.

For more information, visit the Parking and Transportation Web site at www.wsu.edu/parking.