PULLMAN, Wash. — The Washington State University Conduct Board has
invoked sanctions that will close Phi Delta Theta and will put Delta Tau Delta
on probation. Members of both fraternities took part in a brawl on March 4 that
left some students injured.

Assistant Dean of Students Cindy Empey said the two houses had been
engaged in an ongoing dispute for months before the fight broke out. “Instead
of going to the university or local authorities, these two groups continued to
escalate their conflict,” she stated.

Empey said the conduct board found that members of both fraternities were
guilty of serious conduct code violations. “The university considers physical
assault and destruction of property to be unacceptable behavior,” she said.
Violations by Phi Delta Theta were considered more egregious.

WSU will no longer recognize Phi Delta Theta, and the fraternity has been
ordered to close by the end of the current semester. Phi Delta Theta members
may continue to live in the house until the end of the academic year as long as
they have a live-in adviser.

The chapter must remain closed for at least one academic year. After that, it
may petition for reopening only after meeting a number of criteria.

The Delta Tau Delta fraternity will be placed on probation. Among numerous
other sanctions, the chapter may not house freshmen next fall, must have a
live-in adviser and members must maintain a substance-free environment. Any
policy infractions will result in immediate loss of recognition by the university.