PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University students enrolled in the Freshman Seminar will display their work at the Final Project Fair Wednesday, April 22, from 4-6 p.m. in the Student Advising and Learning Center, Lighty Student Services Building, Room 260.
Many of the 150 students who took the seminar during the spring term will be on hand to discuss their group projects, talk with visitors and share refreshments.
Students chose a wide variety of regional issues on which to base their projects. They include a study of the causes, effects and preventions of racism, sexual assault and substance abuse at WSU; standards for ASWSU campaign financing; Palouse abuse and health; and the effects of music events at the Gorge on the people of the Palouse.
A number of students will present their findings dealing with Palouse history. Freshmen focused on topics such as “The Kennewick Man;” the historical metamorphosis of the City of Pullman from a small agricultural town to the largest town on the Palouse; how the Palouse has changed through history; and what the Pullman region will offer or take back in the next 20 years, a survey detailing the changes in the job market, population, economy and education in Pullman.
Students also addressed the questions, The Pullman International Airport — Will it work?” and “What is Palouse Culture?” Another group of students studied the growth and development of WSU and how it has not always benefited the region and individual students.


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