Making GeoMonkey business

GeoMonkey is a class project that has come alive as a map-sharing resource (ONLINE @ Orest Pilskalns, assistant professor of computer science at WSU Vancouver, first envisioned GeoMonkey. “My idea was to create a simple way for users to store and share maps,” he explained. “Then hiking enthusiasts, travel agents, runners, event planners or […]

Website compares data about students nationwide

The Institute for College Access and Success launched a website today that is designed to make it easier to compare economic data about students at colleges across the country. The website, Economic Diversity of Colleges, or, has data showing the extent to which public and private colleges and universities enroll undergraduates from various economic, ethnic and racial backgrounds. […]

WSU Today online traffic up 7,000 percent

Traffic at WSU Today online,, has grown substantially over the past three years from 300 visitors a month to 24,000 in January.And there’s a good reason. In addition to providing university news — updated on a daily basis — it also offers up-to-the-minute headlines and live links to stories from the WSU News Service […]

Savvy tips for evaluating websites

If you’re out scouring the Internet in search of information, it is often difficult to determine what sites are reliable, accurate sources, and which are filled with mere opinion. Following is series of standards/questions — traditionally used to evaluate print — that can be helpful in determining a website’s true worth. General Information • What […]