Richard Zack

WSU scientist: Dreaded spider doesn’t live here

This brown recluse floating in an alcohol-filled vial came from the southern United States. (Photos by Robert Hubner, WSU Photo Services)   WSU entomologist Richard Zack. It’s a myth that brown recluses live in the Northwest, he says. PULLMAN, Wash. – We’ve all seen them — brown recluse spiders scuttling in the bathtub, scurrying in […]

Documentary explores insects in Japanese culture

Trailer courtesy of Myriapod Productions on Vimeo.   PULLMAN – WSU entomology professors will show a documentary chronicling Japan’s love affair with bugs while sharing live beetles, tarantulas and scorpions with the audience.   Entomology professors Richard Zack and Laura Lavine will present the documentary “Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo” along with their creepy-crawly friends at […]

Virgin Palouse Prairie serves as insect refuge

PULLMAN — A 30-plus-acre slope near here may be one of the last, best chances to understand the insect world of the pre-agriculture Palouse Prairie, according to Richard Zack, Washington State University entomology professor .He and graduate student Jessica Thompson of Chico, Calif., are conducting research on the plot this summer to determine how the […]

Students ‘buggy’ for his classes

“Today is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I received my little friend Simon. I can’t stop staring at him. I wonder how this little guy will grow…” So begins the tobacco hornworm larva-rearing journal of a typical student in Richard Zack’s Entomology 101 class, “Insects and People.” From utterly engaging Powerpoint presentations to the […]