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Overseas when war broke out
October 17, 2003

When the Iraq War began last March, hundreds of WSU faculty and students were overseas participating in international programs. Some of them faced inconveniences due to airport security measures or flight delays. For others, the beginning of the war affected them in profound ways. Here is a look into the experiences of several members of the WSU community who were abroad last spring. Passionate opposition in EuropeKari Wuotila, a communication major, was studying at Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the International Studies Abroad program. She said the Spaniards were passionately against the war and their president’s alliance with President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair. … » More …

Deadline for tracking int’l students jolts nerves
September 6, 2002

The staff at International Programs is breathing a bit easier this week, but unknown federal regulations and deadlines governing the tracking of international students and scholars still have that office nervous.The distress of Sept. 11, including the ongoing war on terrorism and the formation of a Homeland Security department, has brought numerous changes to international programs at universities nationwide. The biggest change was a requirement that all colleges and universities provide real-time tracking of international students via electronic forms. That information and system must be in place and functioning no later than Jan. 30, 2003 — less than five months away.Failure to comply can result … » More …