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WSU News obituary

Daugherty dies; lead archaeologist of ‘Pompeii of America’

By Eric Sorensen, WSU News

Daugherty-80PULLMAN, Wash. – Richard Daugherty, a Washington State University archaeologist who led the excavation of the Ozette village site, “the Pompeii of America,” and numerous other key Northwest finds, died Saturday of bone cancer. He was 91. » More …

Dwight V. Peabody Jr.

PULLMAN, Wash. – Dwight V. Peabody Jr., retired from the Northwestern Washington Research and Extension Center in Mount Vernon, died Aug. 3, 2013. He worked at WSU Extension 1951-1982.

Heidi Keen memorial fund to benefit animal research

Heidi KeenPULLMAN, Wash. – Heidi Keen, 32, a Washington State University doctoral student who was passionate about enriching the lives of animals in captivity, passed away on Friday, Aug. 9, after a brief illness.

A Palouse, Wash., resident and student in the animal sciences department in the College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences, Keen focused her doctoral studies at the WSU Bear Center, which she chose based on its mission to provide research, information and understanding to conserve bear populations worldwide.

She contributed to the field of zoology by designing activities that revealed the … » More …