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Incident leads some to discuss limits to free speech
March 3, 2005

(The following article is reprinted with permission from the Moscow Daily News. The article appeared on Feb. 24, 2005.)Allegations of objectionable student speech at Washington State University have some members of the university community thinking about First Amendment rights and possible limits on free speech. “Freedom of speech and freedom from harassment is an area that’s a fundamental issue for our whole society and the law hasn’t drawn a ‘bright line’ neatly separating the two,” said attorney and WSU vice president for university relations Sally Savage. Earlier this week Savage discussed some of the issues faced by WSU as an institution as it seeks to respond … » More …

Students not in violation of university conduct code
March 2, 2005

Student conduct proceedings at Washington State University have determined that two students, Alex Kirk and Robbie Cowgill, accused of harassment, did not violate university conduct provisions. Conduct officers concluded that, although the accused students may have engaged in adolescent behavior, there was insufficient evidence to support a finding of harassment.According to WSU Vice President for Student Affairs Charlene Jaeger, WSU’s Code of Student Conduct defines harassment as conduct that is “sufficiently severe, pervasive or persistent so as to threaten an individual or limit the individual’s ability to work, study or participate in the activities of the university.” Based upon the information available to the student … » More …

President and students to discuss racism issue
March 2, 2005

President V. Lane Rawlins, spurred by student concerns regarding an alleged harassment incident at the Compton Union Building, has tentatively scheduled a meeting with Nina Kim and other students for March 8. However, details of the meeting are still in the process of being arranged.”In the nearly 15 years that I have served as a university president, I have never turned down a request for a meeting with students,” Rawlins said. (Rawlins’ President’s Update on the issue can be seen at, 21, an Asian American junior, filed a report against several WSU students for what she perceived as racial harassment. Early this semester, she … » More …