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Oct. 26: Panel eyes opportunities for women in finance, entrepreneurship, management information systems

By Sue McMurray, Carson College of Business PULLMAN, Wash. – Opportunities for women in the business-related disciplines of finance, entrepreneurship and management information systems will be the focus of a professional panel discussion, 5-6:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 26, in Spark 227 at Washington State University. A reception will follow in the Spark atrium.

Cyber firm goes undercover to invade, protect businesses

Ben Caudill at work. SEATTLE – Businesses beware: If a stranger wearing an immaculate business suit and engaged in “techie-talk” on his cellphone shows up and says he’s the new IT guy, don’t fall for it. He could be your worst nightmare – a professional cyber-saboteur like recent Washington State University business graduate Benjamin Caudill. […]

Coffee at your fingertips

Two researchers in Management and Information Systems want to know what people think of their handy machine. Associate Professor John Wells and his graduate assistant Damon Campbell have implemented a biometric hand scanner at the Todd Hall Atrium Café and are seeking participants for their study. They are looking for people who frequently visit the […]