Skepticism; best phishing defense

Are you easily taken in by e-mail “phishing” attempts to get you to reveal sensitive personal information? If not, it may not be due to your computer savvy as much a natural reflection of your personality. That’s the strong suggestion from a recent WSU study intended to discern what key knowledge, experience and traits determine […]

Impacts of no-fishing reserves considered

Mathematical ecologist Alan Hastings, of the University of California, Davis, will deliver the 24th annual Theodore G. Ostrom Lecture at the WSU Pullman campus. His lecture, titled “New Approaches to the Design of Marine Reserves,” is slated for 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 30, in Smith CUE 202. A reception will follow in the Hacker Lounge, […]

Ackerman, graduate students explore Siberia for new research

Summer in Siberia. Ahhhh, doesn’t it sound delightful? Okay, maybe relaxing on the beach in Cancun, Mexico or touring the Mediterranean has a little more allure. But for archaeologist Robert Ackerman and two of his graduate students, a few weeks in Siberia promise academic challenge, professional opportunities, a chance to witness social changes in a […]