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Honoring a lifesaver
June 15, 2006

May 16 was just a regular day for Colleen Engel, a fourth-year veterinary student from Spokane. Then, while at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital for her clinical block in community practice, she was suddenly confronted with a woman choking to death.”Her face was bright red and she was flailing her arms about,” Engel recalled. “She was mouthing the words: ‘can’t breathe.’ “Engel recognized her as a veterinary client who had recently brought her dog that had been hit by a car into the hospital.”She then started mouthing ‘choking’ and hitting herself in her throat. Her lips were turning blue, so I turned her around and did the Heimlich technique.  … » More …

Red Cross to offer CPR, First Aid classes
March 24, 2005

WSU Red Cross is offering CPR and first aid classes, April 16 and 23 at the Student Recreation Center. Held on a monthly basis, classes include instruction on Adult and Child AED.  To register, call (509) 335-8732. Also in an effort to educate the community at large, the Whitman County Red Cross is offering an Adult, Infant, Child CPR and Standard First Aid class Saturday, April 2, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Gladish Community Center room 313. The class costs $38 per person for the whole day (both CPR and First Aid) or $25 per person for a half day of either just CPR (covered in … » More …