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Oct. 1 – WSU Common Reading: Cornell Clayton to discuss civility, democracy
September 30, 2013

PULLMAN, Wash.— U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) hollers “You Lie!” at President Barack Obama during his health-care speech to Congress. Conservative talk-radio showman Rush Limbaugh labels a caller a “slut” because she advocates insurance coverage for contraceptive care. Occupy Wall Street protesters portray bankers as criminals.  Is American democracy in the midst of an “incivility crisis”?

Discussion on how the media shapes civil discourse in politics
March 22, 2010

PULLMAN – A symposium on how the media shape civil discourse in poltics will be presented 5-6:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 25, in Smith CUE 202. It is sponsored by the WSU Foley Institute and the Edward R. Murrow College of Cummunication.


Recent events, such as the tea party protests and demonstrations against the Iraq invasion, have been seen by some as uncivil. Do television, radio, the internet and print media simply portray incivility or do they also play a role in encouraging its growth?


A distinguished panel  will discuss the implications of the media on political discourse.


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