Scientists rate among top for productivity

WSU scientists conducting research on plants and animals are among the most productive in the nation, according to a survey published recently in the Chronicle for Higher Education.  WSU plant scientists were ranked the fifth most productive in the United States. WSU’s zoology program ranked No.10. Approximately 7,300 doctoral programs around the country were evaluated […]

Spring grads can expect healthy job market

Grads next spring can look forward to a healthy job market, although growth has slowed, according to a recent report issued last week by the Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University. Job opportunities for recent graduates are expected to expand by 4-6 percent next year, the report says, down projected increases of 6-14 percent […]

Spellings urges support student tracking proposal

The U.S. secretary of education, Margaret Spellings, is calling on higher-education researchers to champion the Bush administration’s proposal to create a national system, known as a “unit record database,” that would allow the government to track individual students’ progress through college. The system would help answer questions like: “How long will it take to get a […]