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Coug enthusiasm extends to work – and pet
February 9, 2009


Grant and contract specialist Derek Brown, with

co-Coug fan Bumpus. (Photo courtesy of Cindy


Ask WSU staffer Derek Brown about one of his finest accomplishments and he’ll probably tell you it was when he was named the first ever Junior Cougar VIP at the WSU vs. Fresno State football game in 1991.


Decked out in full Coug gear, which included a gray shirt and crimson ball cap, Brown went out onto the field pregame that day to see Drew Bledsoe, Jason Hanson and others practice. He was also an … » More …

Internet aggression affects 20% of kids
March 3, 2008

(Photo: iStock)

Parents know that their children shouldn’t be communicating with strangers over the Internet, but new research is finding that communicating with peers can be risky as well. That’s right. All that social networking technology has the capability to increase antisocial behavior.

In line with national findings, a recent study of youth in Pullman found that nearly 20 percent of middle school-age children report they have either been the victim of or a participant in some type of Internet aggression. WSU researchers Nicole Werner and Matthew Bumpus, colleagues in the department of … » More …