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Students, grads fight COVID‑19 this summer
June 18, 2020

While many celebrated the coming summer break, some WSU students and graduates stuck around to fight the pandemic by assembling COVID‑19 sample collection kits for human health.

WSU student’s research leads to training for oncology nurses
May 21, 2020

Sexual intimacy is an important quality-of-life issue for cancer patients, but it’s a difficult subject to talk about – even for nurses.  Freyja Herzog, who just earned her bachelor’s degree from the WSU College of Nursing, wanted to do something about that.   

Managing diabetes during the COVID‑19 pandemic
May 13, 2020

When the American Diabetes Association had to quickly pull together a panel of experts to study the impact COVID-19 has on people living with diabetes, they called on WSU’s Joshua Neumiller, who has dedicated his professional life to researching diabetes.