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October 17, 2023

Caring for Cougs in times of crisis

By Kirk Schulz, System President
Washington State University

One of Washington State University’s highest priorities is to ensure that our students, scholars, faculty, and staff members have the supportive environment they need to successfully pursue their studies, research, and work duties. Sometimes, events in other parts of the world can shatter our sense of security and well-being. This was certainly the case for many of us with the recent violence in Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Within hours of Hamas fighters launching a surprise attack on Israel and the Israeli military initiating its aerial bombardment of Gaza in response, the Office of International Programs and Office of the Dean of Students began identifying students and scholars from the region, offering them specific aid and support. International Programs and Dean of Students staff continue to monitor the situation closely and remain in contact with members of the Cougar community who are directly impacted by this ongoing tragedy.

We categorically condemn the violence and mourn the loss of life in Israel and Gaza. Thousands have been killed in these latest clashes, with many of the dead and injured being innocent civilians. We also recognize that these events can effect us here at Washington State University. If you feel the need to talk with someone about this crisis, please reach out.

WSU students across the system have access to a variety of mental health and support services. Details can be found on the Student Care website. Employees are encouraged to contact the Employee Assistance Program to take advantage of confidential counseling and consultation services.

The continuing violence in the Middle East can cause us to question what we can do personally to make a positive impact in the world. One answer is that we can care for each other — Cougs helping Cougs. We can build a more peaceful society together, starting with how we support one another during this time of great sadness and strife.

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