Mike Trevisan, dean of the Washington State University College of Education, has been named chair-elect of the International Society for Policy Research and Evaluation in School-Based Counseling (ISPRESC).

Trevisan won a three-person election to join the ISPRESC Executive Council, which promotes access to high-quality school-based counseling services worldwide to help children have the best educational experience possible.

ISPRESC is made up of university-based researchers, counselor educators, school-based counseling administrators, school leaders, graduate students, educational policymakers and advocates.

“Working to promote school-based counseling internationally, particularly in developing countries, continues to be life-giving work for me,” Trevisan said. “It is an honor to be elected to this position.”

Trevisan has had a distinguished academic career that includes multiple awards, keynote addresses and fellowships.

He has also had various books, journal articles and book chapters published, most recently the book Program evaluation in school counseling: Improving comprehensive and development programs with John C. Carey (UMASS Amherst).

Trevisan has been dean since 2013.

“Let me use this opportunity to extend my personal congratulations to Dr. Trevisan over his election,” ISPRESC chair Oyaziwo Aluede said. “I look forward to having Dr. Trevisan join the ISPRESC Executive Council in initiating and implementing ideas and policies that would move ISPRESC to the next level.”