André‑Denis Wright, Dean of the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences at Washington State University, has been named to the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research’s (FFAR) Advisory Council for Advanced Animal Systems.

“I am honored to accept the invitation to FFAR’s Advisory Council,” Wright said. “I look forward to helping FFAR support innovative science addressing today’s food and agricultural challenges. And I’m proud to represent WSU in this national role. Leadership roles like these will help us meet the Drive to 25 goal of our university.”

Wright was nominated as a scientist with respected knowledge and experience in agriculture research who can make a valuable contribution to this group of experts, according to an email from FFAR.

As part of the council, he will attend two or three council meetings by videoconference annually, providing advice and recommendations on program development and implementation, and help identify new issues relevant to FFAR. He will serve a three‑year term.

Wright recently attended FFAR’s Foster Our Future event in Washington, D.C., where he heard from past U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) directors, met with top current USDA administrators, and talked with FFAR scientists from across the country.

Wright has spent nearly 20 years doing research, working to develop strategies to increase the efficiency of nutrient use in livestock and raising the level of production of food in an ecologically sustainable way.

Several years ago, his research interests expanded to also include human gut microbiology. Wright’s internationally recognized research program examined the gut microbiome of animals, including humans, to better understand the interactions between host genetics and immune responses with their gut microbiota.

Additionally, he has a ciliated protozoan named after him, Apokeronopsis wrighti, in recognition of his contributions to microbiology.