Pharmacy faculty assist community

In early February, the Spokane Regional Health District called two WSU College of Pharmacy faculty members into action after a county declared state of emergency closed all county roads in southern and west Spokane County due to heavy snow. “This was about a partnership that WSU College of Pharmacy has had with the community for […]

Snow creates beautiful campus scenes

      Pullman has been covered in snow for the past few days, and snow is expected to continue for a few more.   Here are some photos of the campus from the past few days.   Snow is expected to continue until Sunday. On Sunday, weather forcasters predict a partly cloudy day with […]

Pullman gets the first snow of the winter

Pullman and the Inland Northwest took its first major hit of snow for the year. Some bikes on the Pullman campus did not make it inside before the storm. If you’re wondering about tomorrow’s weather, there is a live link to The Weather Channel in the far right-hand column of the WSU Today website. (Photo […]