About us

WSU News and Media Relations is the central news office for Washington State University, providing both internal and external communication services for the WSU system that promote the University’s brand and fulfill our land-grant mission to provide public information and disseminate knowledge.

The staff manages the WSU Insider website, assists with media relations, compiles the daily WSU Announcements and the university-wide WSU Calendar. We also monitor media coverage and oversee the main WSU social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.).

WSU News is located in the Information Technology Building, room 2001, Pullman, and is part of the University Marketing and Communications division. The WSU Insider website, located at http://news.wsu.edu, is updated daily Monday through Friday. Mailing address is P.O. Box 641227, Pullman, WA, 99164-1227.

Submitting Information

University-related information of interest to faculty, staff, students and the WSU community at large, can be submitted for consideration to the WSU News editorial staff at wsunews@wsu.edu. Article ideas, photo ideas and comments also can be e-mailed to David Wasson, director, david.wasson@wsu.edu, or Will Ferguson, news editor, will.ferguson@wsu.edu, but please make sure to also send to primary WSU News email account. Please send 3-5 work days before your preferred publication or distribution date.

Traditional press releases

The News unit produces, edits and distributes newsworthy releases to targeted media outletson subject matter that appeals to a broad external audience. The unit follows best practices for press releases, which should be brief, ideally 600 words or less and written in AP Stylewith most of the pertinent information at the top of the release. The unit provides, manages and oversees the use of press release distribution tools for the university system, including the official WSU EurekAlert account and the Meltwater media distribution lists and tracking software.

The following will be considered for distribution as a formal press release to news media:

  • Research results that advance knowledge, demonstrate world-class quality and innovation, and appeal to a general audience, showing impact and highlighting novel or surprising results. Timeliness is key. Consideration will be given to research that is within three months of publication in a peer-reviewed science journal, though ideally press release distribution should coincide with journal publication dates.
  • Application of knowledge that addresses social and global problems.
  • Major grants, awards and partnerships (grants over $5 million and awards that support WSU’s Strategic Plan and other university initiatives.
  • Verifiable distinctions and innovations that elevate prestige (first, best, only).
  • Economic development activity that shows WSU is an essential driver of competitive, quality of life and prosperity in Washington state and beyond.
  • Top-tier rankings – news value is determined by year-over-year performance.
  • High-profile and high-priority policy developments, university statements and newsworthy governing decisions.
  • A small number of carefully selected events based on news value and alignment to WSU’s Strategic Plan.

WSU Insider

News and information of interest to faculty, staff and the WSU community. Updated each weekday. Online hub with a daily push email. Story lengths should be in the 400- to 600-word range or shorter. In addition to topics also suitable for press releases, here are some examples of common themes and topics suitable for Insider:

Operational initiatives, developments and announcements with broad impact

  • Legislative, congressional agendas; Strategic Plan and Drive to 25 updates; organized fundraising campaigns
  • Efforts that impact the organization and culture of WSU
  • Campus operations affecting access or usage (parking, snow removal, emergency conditions, major event advisories, etc.)
  • Major HRS efforts such as Open Enrollment; process changes, updates, etc. affecting large groups of employees; required or highly recommended faculty and staff training from throughout the system
  • ITS process updates, advisories and changes affecting wide-scale usage

Organizational changes demonstrating growth or mission advancement

  • Development of new schools, centers, programs, including general department, unit realignments.
  • Executive and senior-level promotions, hiring or changes to responsibilities that would be of importance to the WSU community
  • Internal programs designed to facilitate educational innovation, research or IP commercialization efforts, faculty and staff skill expansion opportunities

Awards, achievements and accomplishments

  • Sharing student, faculty and staff accomplishments, including major scholarships, regional and national recognition, community development

Events with major engagement potential

  • Commencement, convocation, Week of Welcome, Safety Fair, Showcase, etc.
  • Notable lectures, gatherings in support of WSU initiatives

Story-telling that reinforces WSU priorities

  • Interesting accomplishments or experiences involving WSU students, faculty and staff that serve to highlight system priorities and university standing within the communities it serves
  • Profiles of unique projects, exhibits or other activities that serve to shape the WSU experience