PULLMAN, Wash. – Artists from the region and nation will explore the ideas of utopia and dystopia in an exhibit Feb. 2-March 3 in Gallery 2 of the Fine Arts Building at Washington State University. An opening reception will be at 5 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 2.

Ideas about utopia – a perfect world – and dystopia – a miserable society – have long been of interest to artists. Lately, disparate visions of the two are debated in the national political and cultural landscape.

Artists chosen by a committee of WSU fine arts faculty and graduate students interpret these themes broadly through a variety of media, exploring personal, cultural and political dimensions. The artists include Susan Robb, Justin Hodges, Meghan Flynn, Elizabeth Bennett, Cozette Phillips, Hollis Hammonds, Naomi Falk, Robert Kinsey, Zach Tate, Noelle Pflanz, Carson Rennekamp, Rob McKirdie, Maria Lux, Barbara Milman, John Shlichta, Austin Stiegemeier, Cedar Marie, Elise Thompson, Samantha Dirosa, Carl Diehl, Maidens of the CBR and Chris Bolduc.