NBC News – The real benefit of smart homes, however, could come from devices that save resources like water and electricity. Connected appliances could use real-time feedback to maximize energy efficiency, “inform residents about the house’s own well-being” and even encourage people to make healthier life choices, Diane Cook, head of the Smart Home project at Washington State University, told NBC news.

Cosmopolitan – Everybody knows that apples are healthy, but there’s a new reason to reach for the green ones: In a recent study, researchers from Washington State University compared seven common apples varieties and found that Granny Smiths are more likely than other kinds to help fend off health issues related to obesity, reduce your risk of diabetes, and maybe even promote weight loss.

The UW Daily – In a move that would lead to a break in a partnership with the UW, Washington State University (WSU) has decided to pursue its own accredited medical school in Spokane.