The L.A. Times – “It’s just so significantly a lot easier to commit funds in politics than it was in the previous,” mentioned Travis Ridout, a Washington State University professor and co-director of the Wesleyan Media Project, which tracks campaign spending.

Science Daily – Scientists at Washington State University have identified a crucial step in DNA repair that could lead to targeted gene therapy for hereditary diseases such as “children of the moon” and a common form of colon cancer.

Business Insider Australia РRyan Gamble has wires applied to his head by lab technologist Amy Bender in preparation for a polysomnographic recording system demonstration at Washington State University Spokane’s Sleep and Performance Research Center December 13, 2006 in Spokane, Washington. The laboratory, established through $US4.5 million in congressional funding, is one of four sleep research centres in the United States that concentrates solely on lab research combined with human field tests to see how sleep loss/deprivation affects work performance.