In accordance with the FY 13 Internal Audit plan, this is a notice of planned audit procedures. Please provide this notice to all employees in your area who may be responsible for the noted audit areas.

Because there are multiple departments/units where the audit review will include only a few employees or records, Department entrance meetings will not be conducted for each location. Units and individuals selected for testing will be given at least five days notice of audit. During initial contact and at conclusion of review, we will also alert the responsible supervisor and AFO.

Audit areas include:
Time and leave reporting
Cash receipting
Purchasing cards
Central travel accounts

Audit procedures include:
Review of time and leave reports and hourly/DARs, to determine accuracy of balance calculations, and, proper and timely approvals. Review of controls over cash receipts at decentralized locations. Purchasing transactions will be reviewed to ensure they are allowable, reasonable, properly supported and the purchases are in compliance with applicable University policy.

Please contact Internal Audit for any questions, 335-2001.