How can I change final grades that I submitted on RONet?

Same day changes: You may change a grade that you have submitted on RONet during the same day before 6 p.m.

– Select the Submit Final Grades application and choose Select Classes with Grades that can be Changed function. This page will show sections graded the same day and allow you to make changes.

(Note: Changes must be submitted by 5 p.m. on May 8)

Next day changes:
– If six grades or fewer need to be changed, submit a Supplemental Grade Form for each student.

Please retain yellow copy for your records.

– If more than six grades need to be changed, send a memo on department letterhead that includes the course and section number, year and term, each student’s name, ID#, previous grade, and correct grade. Grade changes must be signed by the chair of your department before the Registrar’s Office will accept them.

Deadline to Submit Final Grades is Tuesday, May 8, by 5p.m.