Jim Olson: Architecture for Art
Sept 30 – Dec 10, 2011

The Museum of Art/WSU is proud to present a career overview of one of the Northwest’s most significant architects, Jim Olson. Olson has long been inspired by the relationship of architecture, art and nature. A primary focus of his work is creating residences for major art collectors.

Along with Olson’s numerous built designs for major art collectors around the world, is the recently opened “Lightcatcher Building” for the Whatcom Museum in Bellingham, Washington. The exhibition features projects from as early as 1959, presented through drawings, models, plans and photographs, and a specially built “ideal room” so our visitors can experience Olson’s architecture first-hand. Along with the projects themselves, the exhibition explores the wide range of artistic, cultural, natural and personal influences, which have made the architect so eagerly sought out by clients all over the world.

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