Who has the power to choose who lives or dies? Who writes the moral code we live by? Who “unwrites” this code? Even with limited information, we are socialized to make quick decisions about another person. This directly relates to how we work with, talk to, and support other people. Participants in the “Just Rescue” workshop will use the experiences Jessica Pettitt facilitates to make informed decisions in the future.

Join Student Involvement for this energetic and engaging workshop tomorrow, Wednesday October 5 1-2 p.m. in Butch’s Den (CUB LL60).

This program is free and open to all WSU students, faculty & staff.

Check out some comments from previous participants:
“This activity helped me understand how it feels to be oppressed by more than one label and understand unlike others who only know of the label.”

“The Just Rescue activity really opened my eyes to the many different stereotypes people use by just reading two or three words. I need to think before I think – not just think before I speak.”

For more information, visit www.lead.wsu.edu or call Student Involvement’s Cougar Leadership Program at 509-335-5323.