Why do midterm grades need to be submitted via RONet by the deadline?
  • Mid-Semester Deficient Students. Academic advisors use midterm grades data submitted via RONet to communicate the following with students whose midterms fall below a 2.0 GPA.
    • Encouraged to meet with their academic advisor as soon as possible.
    • Informed of the academic resources and assistance available.
  • Midterm grades are important in order for students to assess their progress in their course work.
  • Convenience for Faculty. Submitting midterm grades by the deadline through RONet is the way to submit midterm grades.
    • Submitting midterm grades on RONet is quick and easy.
After the deadline of October 12, 2011 5pm, midterm grades are not accepted and cannot be posted. In the case that the deadline is missed, instructors are encouraged to communicate about a student’s progress directly.

Reminder: Midterm grades are required for all Pullman, Tri-Cities and Vancouver freshmen students with fewer than 28 credits and to first semester transfer students with fewer than 90 credits.