A friendly reminder! After Tuesday, September 20, the 30th day of the term, graduate students do NOT have the ability to make any changes to their class schedule on zzusis. The Registrar’s Office would like to inform you of the way graduate students request changes to their class schedule after the 30th day of the term.

The Graduate School must approve all enrollment changes after the 30th day of the term for graduate students.

Therefore, refer graduate students to take the completed graduate student petition form (with appropriate signatures) to the Graduate School, French 324 for approval. The Graduate School will submit the approved enrollment change requests via RONet.

Please note that the Registrar’s Office doesn’t need copies of these graduate petition forms since the approved requests come to us through the RONet.

Thanks for passing the word of the process to authorize graduate student petition forms, so that graduate students are saved an unnecessary trip to the Registrar’s Office!Thanks very much for your help – as always!