Travel to Iceland and Norway, July 1-July 16, 2012, on a faculty-led trip/summer school course! We’ll fly to Reykjavik, Iceland, and continue to Bergen and Oslo in Norway. We will visit great museums and sights. The trip is open to all WSU students, faculty and staff.

Iceland and Norway constitute a fascinating object of interdisciplinary, academic case study. High tech nations with excellent living standards, universal healthcare, social security and vibrant cultural and arts scenes. In particular, attention to alternative energies, sustainable management, economic development, and scientific research in genetics, fisheries, aquaculture, and geology. We will meet with specialists in economics, aquaculture, and genetics. Course requirements include preparatory meetings during spring 2012, completion of a travel journal, and a post-travel research paper.

If you are interested in participating, come to hear more Monday, September 12, at 12 noon in the Honors Hall Lounge. Contact instructors Kim Andersen at 335-7694, and Gary Thorgaard, 335-7438, for more information.