The Office of Grant & Research Development has launched a Facebook page to further connect with WSU faculty and research administrators. The site offers practical tips and insights related to the preparing a successful grant proposal, the grant application process and provides the ability to connect, share knowledge, and gather information. Among the informative resources found on our page are: agency-specific writing guides, discussion groups, useful links and more. Our Facebook page also features links to relevant blogs, articles, news releases, OGRD YouTube tutorials and announcements to keep you up to date on grant writing issues. We strongly encourage your comments and feedback on how we can make this Facebook service more relevant and useful to you. Take advantage of this information, visit and “Like” our Facebook page today*!
You can find the direct link to our page at: or you can find our page by searching OGRD inside of Facebook itself.

* Privacy is an important issue. Organization Facebook pages differ from personal pages in that, “Like”(ing) our page does not grant anyone access to view your personal Facebook page beyond your normal privacy settings. Nor does it allow others who visit the OGRD Facebook page to view a list of Facebook members who have “Like”(ed) the page.