PULLMAN – A plant science/art collaboration will be the topic of a free public presentation at noon Tuesday, April 26, in Communications Addition (CADD) 21, by Roger Hangarter, chancellors professor in molecular, cellular and developmental biology at Indiana University.
Hangarter developed the sLowlife: Plants in Motion exhibit with Dennis DeHart, WSU assistant professor of fine art, while DeHart was visiting faculty at Indiana in 2002. The multimedia exhibit features time-lapse video captured in Hangarter’s laboratory, photographic prints and live plants.
“I hope people get a new appreciation for plants as a dynamic part of our environment,” Hangarter said in a 2003 article in the Indiana Daily Student newspaper.
“Educating people about the natural world and the environment is important,” DeHart said. “But for me, there is also creating an aesthetic experience for the viewer and creating a space for contemplation and reflection.
“I am particularly interested in the collaboration, kind of cross-disciplinary knowledge, and what can be accomplished,” he said.
The presentation will include videos, plants and discussion about art and science. The event is sponsored by the School of Biological Sciences with support from molecular plant sciences and the Department of Fine Arts at WSU Pullman.
Find more information and images from the sLowlife project here.