• Guidelines on ADVANCE at WSU program, supported by NSF 

The ADVANCE at WSU program, backed by the National Science Foundation, is seeking research proposals of up to $10,000 as part of a social science small grants competition.

The proposals are intended to explore the program’s four key initiatives:
  • encouraging gender diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics faculties
  • integrating tenure-track careers with family and personal lives
  • overcoming barriers to retention or advancement
  • transforming the university by sharing what works
Tap range of social scientists
“These social science small grants enable us to tap the research expertise of a diverse range of social scientists at WSU,” said Amy Wharton, research director for the ADVANCE at WSU program. “In this way we’re able to explore issues in more depth and with more reliable data than we’d otherwise be able to do.”


Proposed research must focus on WSU tenure-track faculty and the policies, practices, or structures that affect them. An exclusive science and engineering emphasis is not required, but research should not exclude those areas. Successful applicants will become ADVANCE research fellows and receive the opportunity to collaborate in the program’s ongoing research and publication efforts.

Deadline for grant proposals is April 15.
Long-term collaboration
“I think that some longer-term collaborations among faculty may grow out of this process, which would benefit them and WSU,” Wharton said. “The small grants can also serve as pilot projects for larger research projects.”
ADVANCE at WSU is part of a comprehensive nationwide effort by NSF to identify barriers to recruitment, retention, and advancement of female faculty in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. The program focuses on work/life transition points—especially those that disproportionately impact women—and on overcoming obstacles to recruiting, hiring, retaining, and advancing an exceptional, diverse faculty. Visit for more information.
To learn more about the social science small grants competition, please contact Amy Wharton at, 360-546-9617.