A phishing e-mail posing as a Webmail account sent from info@wsu.edu is targeting WSU student e-mail accounts; it is a fraudulent e-mail.
The e-mail subject line is “Re-Confirm your Wsu.Edu to avoid closure,” according to the WSU Information Technology Services (ITS) Security Office. The following text (and errors) are in the body of the e-mail:
“We are detected some unusual massage from your Webmail account,to avoid you loosing your account or suspention,you are to re-confirm you account for us to know that you are the rightfull owner of this account You are therefore required to provide your account identities listed below to enable us verify and perform maintenance in your account with our new system upgrading software.
Failure to provide your valid information, your account will be suspended temporarily from our services.
Full name:>
Date Of Birth:>
Copyright© Washington State University Webmail 2010 All Rights Reserved.”
If you did not click on any link or respond to this e-mail, your account is fine and there’s nothing more you need to do.
If you did click on a link or respond, please contact your local IT support staff or the ITS Help Desk at 335-4357 or helpdesk@wsu.edu.
For your protection, ITS recommends that you never respond to requests for personal information that may be contained in any suspicious e-mail. It is best to assume any e-mail that asks for computer, personal or financial account information is not authentic.

For more information on phishing visit http://antiphishing.net/.