PULLMAN – Change caused by volatile prices and supplies of energy will be discussed at the Aug. 3 WSU Extension “Research that Works for You” monthly webinar.
The free public webinars begin at 10 a.m. at at the breeze.wsu.edu website
Upcoming 2011 webinars:
Aug. 3 – Millions of American homes will be retrofitted in the coming years to improve energy efficiency, making them more “green.” Integrated healthy home and energy efficiency retrofit activities can lower utility costs for Americans and improve indoor air quality. Join Rich Prill – building science and indoor air quality expert at the WSU Extension Energy Program – to learn more about healthy indoor environment protocols for home energy upgrades.
Sept. 7 – “Inclusive Acculturation: From Assimilation to Multiculturalism” will focus on the science of acculturation in relation to current approaches to cultural relevance and diversity. The idea that equality among ethnic groups is a civil right and a moral edict is still relatively new. In this session, human development professor Marcelo Diversi will discuss cultural competency, relevance and diversity issues with which the U.S. continues to struggle.
Oct. 12 – “Extracting Valuable Energy, Carbon and Nutrient Resources from Organic Waste,” presented by Craig Frear and Chad Kruger, will focus on the extensive research WSU scientists have conducted on Anaerobic Digestion. Frear and Kruger’s research has evaluated the technical and economic performance of commercially available systems, developed improved AD reactors, and commercialized WSU-patented nutrient recovery technology. In this session they will discuss the latest results of WSU Climate Friendly Farming Project’s AD research.
Nov. 2 – “Can We Grow More Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables Using Organic Farming Methods?” will concentrate on recent developments in research on organic farming systems. Preston Andrews, professor of horticulture and landscape architecture, will present research comparing organic and conventional farming systems and discuss the pros and cons of each. He also will discuss the ways in which more nutritious fruits and vegetables can be grown.
Dec. 7 – “School Climate for Transgender Youth,” presented by human development professor Jenifer McGuire, will highlight the results of a recent study on the transgender youth experience in the school environment. The study found that school harassment due to transgender identity was pervasive and affected students’ feelings of safety.McGuire will discuss these results and the impact schools can have on the transgender youth experience.