PULLMAN – WSU reports a record spring semester enrollment of 24,651 students at its four state campuses. Official figures, based on enrollment on the 10th day of the semester, show an increase of 311 students, or 1.3 percent, from spring 2010.
The university’s fastest growing campus is WSU Vancouver, which enrolled 3,068 students, an increase of 176 or 6.1 percent from the previous spring. Enrollment at WSU Tri-Cities is 1,511, up 3 students or 0.2 percent over spring 2010.
The Pullman and Spokane campuses, which are considered one campus for state enrollment reporting purposes, show an increase of 0.7 percent, or 132 students, over spring 2010. The Pullman campus enrollment is 18,805 students and WSU Spokane’s is 1,267.
Enrollment as measured by full time equivalent (FTE) students showed a similar increase universitywide, rising to 23,526, up 1.3 percent from last spring. FTE numbers reflect the number of credit hours that students are taking.
The number of graduate students, who are included in the overall enrollment numbers, is also up by 156 from last spring.
“WSU continues to meet the educational needs of a broad base of students, despite the significant budgetary challenges facing our state,” said John Fraire, vice president for Student Affairs and Enrollment.
“The fact that, for the seventh year in a row, 84 percent of our undergraduate enrollment continues to be students from Washington state shows there is clearly a strong and consistent demand for higher education, and we are doing our best to continue to deliver high quality educational programs to meet that demand,” he said.
The university also continues to show growth in diversity enrollments. The Pullman and Spokane campuses enrolled 18.4 percent students of color in spring 2011 compared to 16.4 percent last spring.
Students of color make up 21.4 percent of enrollment at WSU Tri-Cities, up from 17.8 percent last spring. WSU Vancouver enrolled 18.1 percent students of color compared to 15 percent last spring.