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WSU continues robust water-saving efforts
October 17, 2007

Water consumed annually on the WSU Pullman campus over the last two decades has decreased by 31 percent, from 681 million gallons in 1986 to 478 million gallons in 2006.


Consumption dropped while the campus expanded, noted Ev Davis, associate vice president for Facilities Operations. The number of students increased by 2,435.


“This didn’t happen by accident,” he explained. “Our conservation success is more significant since, at the same time, our campus was growing, increasing the number of students and the number of buildings. It took a strong effort to cut consumption, with new equipment, leak repair, irrigation updates and housing updates.”


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Lowest campus water usage in decades
June 9, 2006

PULLMAN – Water use at Washington State University is down significantly for the second consecutive year, reaching the lowest level since WSU entered into a regional ground water management plan two decades ago. In 2004, WSU used 557 million gallons of water, an 8.3 percent decrease from the 608 million gallons pumped in 2003. In 2005, WSU further reduced water usage to 515 million gallons, down an additional 7.6 percent from 2004. That downward trend also has continued through April of this year, with water usage down 13 percent from the same period in 2005.Ev Davis, associate vice president for Facilities Operations, said the 2005 … » More …