Union security focus of negotiations

Contract negotiation update: 2 p.m. Friday, Sept. 24. Several developments in the negotiations between Washington Federation of State Employees and Washington State University have occurred in the past two days, including:* WFSE and WSU have presented each other with their own “complete package proposals” for the collective bargaining agreement. * The two negotiation teams are […]

Union secturity requested

Contract negotiation update:  At about 1:10 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 23, the WFSE delivered a full counter proposal to WSU administrators regarding the final four articles in the proposed contract. That proposal is now being considered by the university. It includes a request for “union security” and a full insertion of the layoff procedures as found in the […]

WSU, union agree on 19 articles; work remains

WSU and union negotiators, representing the Washington Federation of State Employees, have been working nonstop on a contract the past few weeks, in an effort to meet a state deadline of Oct. 1. As of Aug. 3, both parties had tentatively agreed to 19 articles, including various kinds of leave and childcare, holidays, savings clause […]

State union seeks big pay boost for workers

OLYMPIA, Wash. — State employees are looking for a big pay raise, hoping to match the salaries paid by local government and outside peers for comparable work. But Gov. Gary Locke’s negotiators say the price tag could be prohibitive –over $1 billion. (For the full story, click on the following link and  go to http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/aplocal_story.asp?category=6420&slug=WA%20State%20Worker%20Pay&searchdiff=2&searchpagefrom=1)

University makes counter proposal to classified union

Washington State University submitted a 104-page union contract counter proposal on June 10 to its largest classified staff bargaining unit, represented by the Washington Federation of State Employees. The document was in response to the union’s initial proposal submitted about two months earlier. As WSU Today went to press, university administrators and WFSE — which […]

Both sides put forth proposals

It’s going to be a l-o-n-g summer for those involved in contract negotiations between Washington State University and the Washington Federation of State Employees — the union representing approximately 1,250 WSU classified staff employees who are covered by one of five WFSE collective bargaining agreements. Contract negotiations began in mid January and have been progressing […]

Five bargaining units request union decertification

Five Washington State University bargaining units, currently represented by the Washington Federation of State Employees, filed petitions on March 16 to request decertification (to no longer be represented by the union). The requests were sent to the Public Employees Relations Commission (PERC). WFSE and WSU received copies of the decertification forms. PERC is the only […]

Talks detour paid release time

Contract negotiations between Washington State University and the Washington Federation of State Employees hit a major bump in the road recently when the union requested full paid release time for nine WSU union representatives involved in the talks. In short, university negotiators previously had offered to pay for some release time for seven negotiators, but […]