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WSU News textiles

Oct. 16-Nov. 3: ‘Unconventional Pairings’ exhibit at School of Design, Construction Gallery

Andy Warhol marilyn monroeBy Debby Stinson, Museum of Art/WSU

PULLMAN, Wash.  – “Unconventional Pairings,” an exhibit that spans historic textile garments, works of fine art, architectural renderings, and furnishings, will be open for viewing Oct. 16-Nov. 3 at the WSU School of Design and Construction Gallery. » More …

WSU wins grant for recycled textile innovation

PULLMAN, Wash. – Washington State University has won a $365,000 grant for research on recycling cotton waste products into high quality regenerated fibers for consumer goods. » More …

Apparel design a diverse field

More than a fashion option, what you’re wearing could be a matter of life or death.


That’s because apparel designers also create high-performance uniforms for doctors, firefighters, the military and athletes. Working with high-tech materials like Kevlar, for bulletproof vests, they also design spacesuits for astronauts and parachutes for pilots.


“We’re much more complex and in depth than most people realize,” said Karen Leonas, the new chair of WSU’s apparel, merchandising, design and textiles department (AMDT). “My role is to facilitate the vision of our amazingly talented and diverse faculty.”


Third in the nation


With more than 250 undergraduates, AMDT … » More …