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Marketing communications provides survey insights
August 23, 2002

The following is a brief interview with Mary Gresch, director of marketing communications, regarding her response to this year’s public awareness telephone survey and the university’s integrated marketing efforts.Q: Based on results from this spring’s survey, do you feel the integrated marketing program is achieving hoped-for goals at this point?Gresch: We are very pleased with our progress at this point. The survey results confirm that our efforts are working and that the strengths of the university are becoming better known throughout the state, particularly with prospective high-achieving students, which are our primary target audience.When I say our efforts I want to be … » More …

Marketing, advertising raises WSU awareness statewide
August 23, 2002

Public awareness of Washington State University and its academic strengths has risen measurably during the past 27 months, according to results from a recent independent telephone survey conducted in the Spokane and Seattle regions. In fact, WSU tied with University of Washington in the category of overall, top-of-mind awareness.The purpose of the survey, performed in the spring of 2002, was to measure public perceptions and awareness of universities statewide, and compare those results with a major baseline survey taken in early 1999.Since the ‘99 survey, the university has launched a comprehensive, integrated marketing and brand development program and a statewide advertising campaign, titled “World Class. … » More …

Dr. Survey: 33 years influencing change
March 29, 2002

He’s the doctor of data collection, the sultan of surveys, the grand poobah of public opinion polls. Reality is, if you participate in a survey — whether it comes via the mail, phone or Internet — Don Dillman has probably influenced that document in some way.Dillman, for more than 30 years, has been a prominent researcher and practitioner in survey methodology, recognized both nationally and internationally. Now, WSU has selected him as the 2002 recipient of its highest faculty honor — the Eminent Faculty Award.Armed with a bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. from Iowa State University, Dillman began work at WSU in 1969 as a rural … » More …