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Two WSU Pullman students shot in Vancouver
July 15, 2002

Vancouver police are looking for suspects in a July 13 shooting that injured two Washington State University students. Ryan Quinlan and Wahed Magee, both from the Pullman campus, were taken to area hospitals, each with a gunshot wound.A group of WSU students were at the Vancouver family home of Christopher Weese, also a student, when a group of young men tried to gain entrance. When not allowed into the home, the suspects left, but reportedly began vandalizing nearby cars.Police were called, and Magee and others tried to stop the vandalism when the shooting occurred, stated observers. Magee was shot in the stomach, while Quinlan, who … » More …

Finance students pass GO!, collect $1,000,000 to invest
June 21, 2002

Washington State University is lending a group of students $1,000,000 to make money for the school, and with Richard Sias’s expertise, they just might beat the S&P 500 in the process.Sias, professor of finance and the Gary P. Brinson Chair of Investment Management, teaches his students how to understand stocks, portfolios and the market in general in his Finance 427/428 classes.The design and setup of the class steers students into real-world experience with the markets. According to Sias, two students are given the job of portfolio managers. The rest are analysts for one of 10 sectors in the market, focusing on stocks in the assigned … » More …

Native American students hosted at WSU camp
June 11, 2002

The tiny percentage of Native American students who pursue engineering is the impetus behind the Ny’EE camp currently underway at WSU’s College of Engineering and Architecture. The camp, which is free for the students, has grown every year since its 1999 inception. Its name, Ny’EE, or Native Youth Exploring Engineering, came from a student in the first year of the camp.At the camp, Native American 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students from throughout the region come to WSU for five days to learn about engineering and this year — for the first time — communications.Workshops teach basics in engineering and try to instill a joy … » More …

FFA leaders on campus
May 16, 2002

The 72nd Annual Future Farmers of America Leadership Conference for Washington is on campus this week, May 16 – 19. The College of Agriculture and Home Economics will host some 2,500 high school students (grades 9 – 12), teachers and parents from almost 200 schools throughout the state. This conference attracts students to WSU to participate in many leadership workshops and competitive events, including public speaking, sales, marketing, job interview, food science, communications, parliamentary procedure, extemporaneous speaking, meat science and animal science. Evening sessions in Beasley Coliseum include featured speakers, award presentations, and entertainment from the many talented students attending this convention.If you have any … » More …

Flood of students
May 10, 2002

2,400 applications for 400 remaining freshman slots

By Sue HinzWSU News BureauAdmissions officials will be choosing from the cream of the crop in the next few weeks as they decide which freshman applicants are granted admission to the university. Currently, the ratio is six-to-one, with 2,400 applicants vying for 400 remaining spots in the fall freshman class.“We no longer are encouraging new applications from freshmen,” said Jim Rimpau, enrollment management director. “Any further applicants will be considered — only with faculty support — on the basis of extraordinary credentials.”Wendy Peterson, director of the Office of Admissions, said WSU’s freshman class is expected to total 2,825.“Unfortunately, … » More …

Professor delights in students, also tends ‘rat bar’
March 29, 2002

She’s a native Easterner, born in Rochester, New York, and college-educated in Massachusetts — B.A. in psychology from Smith College, 1969 (summa cum laude) and M.A. and Ph.D. in experimental psychology from Harvard, 1972 and 1974, respectively.Coming to WSU in 1974 as an assistant professor, it was the first time Frances McSweeney had ever been west of Erie, Pennsylvania. But as an outdoors person, she loves the Pacific Northwest, which, she says, has a good reputation back east. The environment is attractive, with nicer weather than Rochester.“I think it’s easier to move from the east to the west, than the other way,” she comments.At WSU, … » More …