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Nuclear waste panel fails to address underlying mistrust
August 17, 2010


PULLMAN – A renewed federal effort to fix the nation’s stalled nuclear waste program is focusing so much on technological issues that it fails to address the public mistrust hampering storage and disposal efforts.
Writing in the latest issue of the journal Science, 16 researchers from around the country say a special White House panel on high-level radioactive waste needs to focus more on the social and political acceptability of its solutions to succeed.


“While scientific and technical analyses are essential, they will not, and arguably should not, carry the day unless they … » More …

Olympia Energy Program catches the wave
October 1, 2004

WSU’s Energy Program in Olympia is working on bringing a new wave of renewable energy into Washington homes.“Ocean wave energy is a clean alternative form of energy that does not produce the pollution and greenhouse gases that natural gas generating facilities do,” said Jake Fey, WSU Energy Program director. “It helps meet the growing need in the Northwest for renewable resources that do not contribute to global warming.”The energy is produced by the motion on a buoy that is anchored to the bed of the ocean, Fey said. Saltwater filters through a cylinder of turbines beneath the buoy, and the energy created is transferred to … » More …

WSU prof teams with NASA on pollution monitoring
July 6, 2004

With the anticipated July 10 launch of NASA’s Earth Observing System Aura satellite, environmental scientists here and across the globe are expecting to get the clearest space-based views yet of the sources and movement of air pollution in the earth’s lower atmosphere.The spacecraft will carry into orbit a complex package of four high-tech instruments to conduct a wide range of studies of both the upper and lower atmospheres. Among them will be a device called the Ozone Monitoring Instrument, or OMI (pronounced oh’-mee by project scientists).Although proposed, constructed and funded largely by the Dutch, OMI utilizes extensive U.S. expertise in ozone-measuring instrumentation and analysis. With … » More …