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‘Nature’ magazine features article by WSU plant biologist
May 27, 2004

PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University plant biologist Andrew G. McCubbin has co-authored an article published in the May 20 issue of Nature magazine (Vol. 429, 302-305) focusing on plant pollination.In the article, “Identification of the Pollen Determinant of S-RNase-mediated Self-incompatibility,” MuCubbin and his co-authors report their research that resulted in identifying and describing the gene SLF, a key factor in preventing self-pollination in many plant species.”In most plants, male and female reproductive organs are located close to each other within each flower and, unless there is a mechanism to prevent self-fertilization, this closeness leads to a tendency to inbreed,” McCubbin said. “On an evolutionary … » More …