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Native American education focus of professor’s efforts
March 7, 2003

She’s a professor, educator, mother of three and winner of this year’s Distinguished Service Award for faculty. Susan Banks, assistant professor in Teaching and Learning, is also co-director of the WSU and Northwest Indian College Teacher Training Program, which is working off a $950,000 Kellogg grant.”This program was important because it allowed NWIC students who had a job or family stay in their community and still receive the type of degree in education they wanted,” said Banks. “We used different aspects of WSU curriculum to structure classes, and we’ve learned a lot from this experience.”Eastern Washington originsA member of the Arapahoe Nation, with Irish and … » More …

Native American students hosted at WSU camp
June 11, 2002

The tiny percentage of Native American students who pursue engineering is the impetus behind the Ny’EE camp currently underway at WSU’s College of Engineering and Architecture. The camp, which is free for the students, has grown every year since its 1999 inception. Its name, Ny’EE, or Native Youth Exploring Engineering, came from a student in the first year of the camp.At the camp, Native American 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students from throughout the region come to WSU for five days to learn about engineering and this year — for the first time — communications.Workshops teach basics in engineering and try to instill a joy … » More …

WSU chosen to receive precious artifacts plus $98,883 grant
June 4, 2002

The Walla Walla District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in conjunction with Northwest tribes, has selected the Museum of Anthropology at WSU to rehabilitate archaeological collections from the McNary Reservoir.The collections were unearthed by federal agencies during the building of dams and other federal projects decades ago and have been boxed and stored since then. The reservoir is located at the confluence of the Snake and Columbia rivers.To complete the project of cataloging the artifacts, the museum will receive $98,883. The funding is provided through the Payos Kuus Cuukwe Cooperating Group, whose members include representatives of the Army Corps of Engineers, the Bonneville … » More …