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‘Innovators’ series to feature noted biofuels researcher Norman Lewis
November 7, 2008

PULLMAN – Norman Lewis, regents professor and director of the Institute of Biological Chemistry at WSU, will give a far-reaching futuristic perspective of our growing energy needs, with an emphasis on biofuels, in Seattle this month as part of WSU’s “Innovators” luncheon.


In a world once again confronted with volatility in oil prices, with perceptions of a dwindling supply of fossil fuels, and with concerns that biofuels will negatively impact our food supply, Lewis believes solving the growing energy crisis with a sustainable domestic solution represents a “Grand Challenge” for both the nation and humanity.


Motivated by soaring oil prices and our … » More …

WSU expert says U.S. heading toward catastrophe
March 29, 2007

Seattle- Washington State University faculty member Thomas Preston believes it’s not a matter of if but when and how renegade terrorist groups will use weapons of mass destruction to cause the greatest number of civilian deaths possible.Only one percent of the approximately 600,000 cargo containers brought into Seattle ports each year are inspected, making the city and other seaports particularly vulnerable to attacks. Preston thinks much can be done to lessen the likelihood and to prepare for an effective crisis response program to a bioterrorist attack.He will discuss his research in “Biological Warfare: The New Face of Terrorism” from noon to 1:30 p.m. April 18 … » More …

WSU Pharmacist helps elderly retain at-home lifestyles
February 27, 2007

SEATTLE – The pioneering research of Washington State University pharmacist and educator Stephen Setter could ensure that aging Americans will prolong their ability to live independent lives in their own homes, improving their quality of life and saving themselves (and often the state) the high cost of nursing home care.Setter makes that lifestyle a reality for countless Spokane elders, leading a national trend toward pharmacists becoming more involved in drug therapy decisions and in counseling patients.He will discuss his research in “It Takes a Community: Managing In-home Medications for the Elderly” from noon to 1:30 p.m. March 7 at The Rainier Club, 840 4th Ave., … » More …

The Innovators: Series debuts in Seattle
September 16, 2005

Research trailblazers are helping WSU make inroads on the strategic west side of the state. “The Innovators,” designed as a thought-provoking Seattle-area lecture series presented by WSU researchers, begins Friday, Sept. 30, with three presentations on “Biotechnology: Its Promises and Pathways.” The focus of the series is the many benefits offered to the state and its people by the work and vision of WSU research. The aim is to increase understanding among important audiences about WSU’s contributions to research and its progress in addressing compelling issues facing the state and nation.Upcoming luncheon lectures include:• “Understanding Sleep in a 24/7 Society,” about sleep and the performance … » More …