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German culture topic of annual Honors College lecture
March 26, 2009

Modern German culture is the topic of the 30th annual Honors College Invited Lecture at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 26, in the Honors Hall lounge.

Rachel Halverson, associate professor of German in the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures, will speak on “Selected Memories, Selective Memories: Navigating German Culture in the 21st Century.”

Presenters of the free public lecture are nominated by the students of the college.

A member of the Honors College faculty since 2000 and a college administrator in 2007-2008, Halverson was honored in November 2008 as the first WSU educator to receive the Ray Verzasconi Northwest Postsecondary Teacher of the Year … » More …

Excuses, excuses
February 2, 2007

“Sorry I missed class, professor, but I had to stay with my girlfriend while she was getting her hair cut.” That is just one of many pathetic student excuses collected in a recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Other excuses in the article include missing class to remake 50 gallons of Jell-O for a wrestling competition (the first batch spoiled) and mislaying a paper inside a tiger mascot costume. As wild as the excuses are, students are at least being creative to explain or cover up their unlikely circumstances.  The best excuse Rachel Halverson, WSU associate professor of German, ever heard was from a … » More …