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EnergySolutions donates $60,000 to WSU Tri-Cities
April 6, 2007

Richland – EnergySolutions today announced the gifting of 10 scholarships to incoming freshmen at Washington State University Tri-Cities as part of the company’s commitment to education. Each scholarship will provide a student with $3,000 during the 2007-08 freshman year and another $3,000 in the senior year. “We are thrilled to have EnergySolutions involved through its scholarship program as we launch our campus expansion,” said Vicky Carwein, WSU Tri-Cities Chancellor. “EnergySolutions has proven to be a strong supporter of education at the high school level, particularly in the fields of math, science and engineering and we look forward this partnership.” “EnergySolutions believes in higher education and is … » More …

WSU makes legislative funding request for 2007-2009
September 15, 2006

Washington State University executives recently submitted the 2007-09 biennial budget request to the state Office of Budget Management for review. Some of the major segments of the  budget request package include:• Reshaping research university enrollment to fill the workforce demand.This item pairs a request for high-demand and general enrollment increases with a request for targeted programs for middle school, high school and college students. Total: $13,069,000• Industry-based agriculture initiative.Dozens of food and agriculture organizations would join WSU to add critical scientific capacity to the university’s research and education in food and agriculture industries. This request is coupled with internal reallocations, federal contracts and private funding … » More …

Liberal Arts doubles funding
September 1, 2006

Faculty in the College of Liberal Arts doubled the amount of external funding they received last year compared to the year before, and indeed, compared to the three years before that. And they expect to do even better this year. In 2005-2006, CLA got more than $4 million in extramural funding.“Research funding is a growing strength in the college,” said Erich Lear, dean, College of Liberal Arts. “Renewed attention, with the appointments of Paul Whitney as associate dean for research and Susan Ross as associate dean for corporate and foundation research, has helped the CLA turn the corner.”Whitney said he and Ross met with all units in the college … » More …

Managing funding topic of series
January 20, 2006

A four-part video workshop series designed to help research managers will begin on Wednesday, Feb. 1, in Neill 416. The first video, “Post-Award Issues for the Pre-Award and Departmental Administrator,” will be shown twice — 8 a.m.-noon and 1-5 p.m.To register, go to 2006 series is from the National Council of University Research Administrators.The first session is intended to help demystify complex postaward issues by looking at the relationship between preaward and postaward offices and functions.

Auction for public radio takes to cyberspace
December 2, 2005

WSU’s Northwest Public Radio is procuring items and services from businesses for its first-ever online auction, Feb. 3-12, to contribute to the operations of the university’s public radio service. Using the website to auction items of interest to the station’s audience was a logical extension to help with fund raising and to engage the audience, organizers said.The theme for the auction includes four categories: art, food, travel and wine. Businesses that contribute items or services will have a photo of their donated item(s) with a description and link to their website posted on the Northwest Public Radio Web site,“We’re just trying to test … » More …

Striving to maximize money for new graduate students
November 11, 2005

The 2005 Legislature gave WSU funding to increase new graduate student enrollment. But the state and Graduate School intend to get a much greater bang for the buck.Rather than just the 60 new positions the state funded for 2006 and 2007, Dean Howard Grimes wants the money to work as a catalyst to generate even more funding and greater numbers of graduate students for WSU. He also wants departments and units to use this opportunity to explore strategic planning, restructuring, goal-setting and other types of changes that would improve and expand graduate education.Toward these ends, the Graduate School is making the new student funding available … » More …

WSU funding programs emphasize university research
October 6, 2005

The WSU Office of Research is providing research-related funding in response to the WSU Strategic Plan’s emphasis on enhancing university research. Three funding programs will allow researchers to branch out in their research ventures, including:*The WSU Technology Gap Fund Program focuses on furthering the development of WSU innovations with commercial potential, but may need additional research or prototype development before acquiring licensing or a company start. The Office of Research, through the Office of Intellectual Property Administration, will be soliciting proposals for qualified projects. The pre-proposal deadline is Monday, Oct. 31. Solicitations may be accessed at*The WSU Office of Research is also soliciting … » More …

Outreach inventory: get your program on the list
September 30, 2005

Quick, describe the difference between any two of the following: outreach, extension, engagement and extended university services. If you’re a bit fuzzy or utterly stumped, don’t feel alone. There certainly is some overlap between these programs and terms. But, one term you want to clearly understand — regardless of what department you are in — is outreach. Outreach is stressed frequently in the next phase of the university’s strategic plan, especially those goals regarding economic development, societal impact and fund raising. It is an activity that the president and provost are encouraging departments universitywide to get involved in. And, not coincidentally, the university is launching … » More …

Funding for students’ program gains noteworthy extension
April 22, 2005

Federal funding for WSU’s Student Support Services Program has been extended another five years, one year longer than the typical four-year extension. WSU’s grant proposal received an excellent evaluation, said Al Jamison, vice president for Educational Development. “This is wonderful news,” he said. WSU‘s program was established in 2001 to provide specialized assistance to first generation, economically disadvantaged or disabled students. It is one of five federal TRiO academic assistance programs established by Congress under the Higher Education Act of 1965. The program will receive $220,000 per year from the U.S. Department of Education to maintain a program enrollment of 160 students. All of the … » More …

WSU federal funding requests presented in D.C.
February 18, 2005

WSU representatives were in Washington, D.C., Feb. 9 and 10 to present the university’s federal funding requests to the Washington state congressional delegation and ask for the delegation’s support. The top eight requests are: 1) A facility for the Agriculture Research Services scientist co-located in the bioscience buildings. The federal government previously appropriated funds for design and early construction of one of the buildings in the planned WSU Pullman bioscience complex. WSU seeks funds to complete this bioscience building. 2) Distributed education technology and library funding for the WSU Intercollegiate College of Nursing in support of its move to the Riverpoint campus alongside WSU Spokane. … » More …